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    Lakhey world !st Ethnic Metal Band from Nepal. GENRE: NEWARI/NEPALI ETHNIC METAL Formed: 2011 Lakhey, the instrumental band, Anil Dhital on guitar, Ashish Maharjan on flute and vocal effects, Yuson Maharjan on dhimeh, RabindraMaharjan on bhusyah, Naresh P

  • 04:59 Popular angalideu by mukut (The Musical Headgear)

    angalideu by mukut (The Musical Headgear)

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    1st single released after Mukut's 1st album in 2004 AD. Special thanks to the Korean movie that inspired us...and of course its video clips!

  • 02:47 Popular jungali by mukut (The Musical Headgear) : official video HD

    jungali by mukut (The Musical Headgear) : official video HD

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    www.facebook.com/mukutrockswww.reverbnation.com/mukutJungali by Mukut (The Musical Headgear)I see everyone these daysDestroying things than be creatingWe're losing our roots with nature andBlood and sweat toiled by our ancestorsThese days I see peopleIn a

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    Rangisakyo- Mukut

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    (The Musical Headgear) Performing there own song "Rangisakyo" from album "JUNGALI" live @ Temptation Lounge & Cuisine on Christmas eve 2012.