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AAKASHMAA | Prayash Singh | with lyrics | Ft. Miss Darjeeling

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शब्द/संगीत: डा. सुदर्शन तामाङ्

संगीत सँयोजक: एजाज अली

गायक: अमित (प्रयास) सिंह

Aakashmaa by prayash singh

The official music video or Maile Zindaji Jiye as it it popularly known as is a song that has been written and composed by Dr. Sudarsan Tamang, the same writer who wrote the famous song Gorkhali ko Choro, Sanskriti, German ko Dhawamaa, Sadhai Sadhai, Ekantama etc. the arrangement has been done by Ejazz Ali (STRINGS 786, Darjeeling). It has been sung by Prayash Singh. the girl in the video is Miss Darjeeling 2012 Rachana Rai.

it has been shot, edited and directed by Mandira Chettri.

aakashma, the official video is a beautiful nepali song which talks about life. it is a story of our hill folks and our way of life. Aakash maa - has been shot in Sikkim and Darjeeling. Its is a new Nepali song, and i hope you will enjoy it.

written by sudarsan Tamang

sung by prayash singh

arranged by e jazz Ali

shot directed and edited by mandira chettri

Making this video was a challenging experience for me. Firstly because I was new to this genre , 2ndly the song was extremely powerful, 3rd I needed to find a way to keep viewers engaged for 6 minutes and four secs, ( thats pretty long for a music video )We worked within a tight budget but gave it our best. I would really like to thank Kavita ma'am and Sapant for producing this video. Also Dr. Sudarsan for having faith in me, Ashish Da for helping me with the concept, Phuntsog Dorjee and 'Mazzako' for their feed back. Dad, mum, Ban da, Bhauju for encouraging me, Bishal Daju for supporting and helping me. I hope you enjoy this one and do share it around.The album will be releasing soon. Thankyou all.


आकाशमा हेरे धर्ती मा खोजेँ

जीवनको अर्थ लुकेको थ्योकीकुदी रहेथ्यो

त्यो भिड् कतै दौड् रहेछ मपनी कुदे

कहिले हारेर कुनामा एक्लै

कहिले जितेर सबैभन्दा बेग्लै

मैले जिन्दगी जिएं मैले जिन्दगी जिए

कहिले खुशीको सिखरमा पुग्येँ

कहिले दु:खको सागरमा डुबें

कहिले स्वार्थको खोला तरें

कहिले निस्वार्थको बगरमा हिंडेँ

मैले जिन्दगी जिएं मैले जिन्दगी जिएं

जीवनको होड्मा थाकेर कहिले प्रकृति कहाँ कुदेर पुगेँशान्ती र धर्यको पाठ सिखी फर्केर फेरी भिड्मै पसेँकहिले हारेर कुनामा एक्लैकहिले जितेर सबैभन्द बेग्लैमैले जिन्दगी जिएं मैले जिन्दगी जिएं उज्यालो दिनमा सपना देखेअन्ध्यारो रातमा बिपनालाई सोचेँलक्ष्य भन्दा यात्रा मिठो थियोयात्राको अनुभव पानीजस्तै पिएँमैले जिन्दगी जिएं मैले जिन्दगी जिएं आकाशमा हेरे धर्ती मा खोजेँ..


शब्द/संगीत: डा. सुदर्शन तामाङ्

संगीत सँयोजक: एजाज अली

गायक: अमित (प्रयास) सिंह

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